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New Year, No New Friends

New Year, No New Friends

Carly and I have been planning this trip for half a year. In those 6 months we've gotten vaccinated to no end, slaved to save, compared everything from choice of backpack to brand of mosquito repellent, and done absolutely NO writing.

I have had MONTHS to muster up a glamorous, insightful, thought-provoking first post...and here I am, siting in the Taipei airport after 16 hours of travel, and I have nothing. Nothing. Not a thing.

I left home (Bend, OR) 3 days ago and have been in the same clothes ever since. Carly is hating it but I am finding it sort of liberating. Better adapt now, right? There are things that will be easier for her than they are on me and vice versa. For example, I've already forced her to take a Pepto tablet and we've only just stopped for a layover before our final stretch to Bangkok.

What can I say! I am anal about my food and water!

No, that's an understatement...and we all know it. It is my biggest fear. I am f**king terrified. I am dreading the moment I say farewell to my normal shit schedule and bashfully succumb to...how do i say this?...months of indigestion...

Okay readers...you aren't going to believe this...but for the first time ever, the brunette to my blonde is the one with a boyfriend! Ahhhhh, how the tables have turned. I'm sorry, too much too soon? If you cant handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. OR better, don't read my exposed travel journal and skip to Carlys posts.

My good friends, my family, maybe even strangers who only see my through social media, will tell you that I am a relationship person. A dependent, I guess you could say (though I've personally always felt far from it). I get it though, most times in my adult life I always have...something going on. I go through phases where I accept this and others where I am in denial. 

But that's not me, at least not anymore, not for the past few months and not right now. I am here and content and ready for these precious moments with my best friend and whatever may come. All I want is a fun, raw, and life changing experience with her...and clean water. Is that too much to ask? Nevertheless, there was a difficult goodbye at home and a complicated hello waiting for me in Thailand...

But I am happy. No fella or friend or job has ever kept me from my true baby, my true love: travel. SO, lets do this. I have everything I could possibly need sitting to my left and packed in a backpack the size of a golden retriever puppy. I promise to be candid, blunt, selfish and giving, open, and sometimes too serious and sensitive. Its a package deal, all or nothing.

Take it or exit out. 

How good will my next shower feel, guys?




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