"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake."

- Robert Louis Stevenson


Hey, it's us, Tracey and Carly! Your favorite Washington native, Cougar Alum, adventure duo. Welcome to our new and wonderful blog where you can follow all of our travels - along with whatever topics we chose to disclose our deepest and most personal feelings on. We hope you enjoy the stories as much we do!

1) If Tracey were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would she want with her? "She'd need her Kindle to read and watch weird documentaries, her camera to get those killer shots, and a hospital because she'd be paranoid about all the sicknesses."

2) What Hogwarts house would Tracey be sorted into? "Easy. Hufflepuff."

3) What is your favorite thing about Tracey? "She is a great friend, to anyone and everyone she meets. Almost too a fault, but not quite. She is one of the most caring, forgiving and understanding people in the world."


1) 5 words to describe Carly "Honest, hyperactive, generous, easy (I mean in terms of travel...get your head out of the gutter!), and reliable."

2) What is Carly's best physical feature? "Cheekbones! A stranger actually approached her in Barcelona asking to contour her face. That does NOT happen. Robin Scherbatsky has nothin' on her."

3) If you opened Carly's phone, what would you see? "Tutorials on nails/eyebrows, The Life of Pablo album, a selfie background with her boyfriend, and me as her favorite contact ;)"